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Education Abroad and Language Courses in Europe

  • University of Twente
    University of Twente

    University of Twente, founded in 1961, is a young research university, known for its high achievements in the field of the new technology and their impact on society.

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  • BPP University
    BPP University

    Founded in 1976, BPP is one of the largest providers of Business, Law and Accounting courses in the UK. BPP University offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in law, business, banking, finance, accounting, management, chiropractic, psychology, dentistry and healthcare. Additionally, we offer Foundation and English language programmes. These programmes can be studied in conjunction with business and Law. However we do provide General English courses. The university study centres are located in central London, Bristol, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Abingdon (near Oxford). BPP University has excellent links with organisations and professional bodies and students receive ongoing support from BPP’s career service. Our programmes are designed in partnership with employers and respected professionals in the fields of law, business, finance and health.

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  • Leipzig University
    Leipzig University

    University of Leipzig was founded in 1409. In the course of its history the university has grown to encompass a wide range of disciplines of almost all areas of knowledge. Many world-renowned scientists have taught or studied in Leipzig.

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  • Fontys University of Applied Sciences
    Fontys University of Applied Sciences

    Тhe Fontys Hogescholen (Fontys University of Applied Sciences) is one of the biggest universities in the Netherlands, its campuses are situated in Southern Netherlands. The university is also known for its practice-oriented programs and its diversity – students from all over the world decide on Fontys University of Applied Sciences.

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  • Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague
    Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague

    You can feel the spirit of creativity as soon as you enter the building. This is all possible thank to the tutors and the students themself, who are happy to study in modern facilities, with its numerous workshops and extracurricular activities, enhancing their development as artists.

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  • Amsterdam School of the Arts
    Amsterdam School of the Arts

    Amsterdam School of the Arts offers training in several types of visual, musical and performing arts as well as architecture. The school is developing rapidly and constantly follows new trends in higher education.

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  • University of Kassel
    University of Kassel

    Kassel is a small town located on the river Fulda (Hesse). Its population is over 180,000 and is one of the many small picturesque towns that offer higher education in Germany.

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  • Salford University
    Salford University

    The roots of the University of Salford, can be traced back from 1896 Today it is one of the most renowned universities in the North of England. It is one of the largest faculties of journalism in the UK.

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  • The London School of Economics and Political Science
    The London School of Economics and Political Science

    LSE was founded in 1895 and over time has become one of the most important universities in social sciences in the world. In international rankings of universities it stands alongside to those of Harvard, UC Berkeley and Stanford.

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  • The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture
    The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture

    School of Architecture trains architects in different areas: design and restoration, urban and landscape architecture, industrial, graphic and furniture design. The school is under the aegis of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Its campus is located in Holman (Copenhagen) and there are over 650 students.

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  • Aarhus University
    Aarhus University

    Today, over 10% of students studying in AU, are international students - representatives of 103 countries. Admission of international students is extremely important for university policy because they believed so freshness and different perspective due to the different cultures that come together.

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  • The University of Erfurt
    The University of Erfurt

    Erfurt is the capital of Thuringia. It is located 46 km. southeast of the geographical center of Germany. The population is over 205,000 people making it one of the large cities in Germany.

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