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Education Abroad and Language Courses in Europe

  • Goethe University Frankfurt am Main
    Goethe University Frankfurt am Main

    Frankfurt University is a cosmopolitan university offering an excellent atmosphere for research, learning and creativity. The University was founded in 1914 by private funding.

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  • University of Hamburg
    University of Hamburg

    There are nearly 5,000 international students from more than 130 countries in the University of Hamburg. The school aims to strengthen the international position in research while increasing international mobility among its faculty and students.

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  • IFM University
    IFM University

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  • Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University
    Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University

    The leading idea of the university in Hanover is that the future must be cleared through knowledge. It was founded by scientist Carl Karmarsh, "Higher School of Commerce in Hannover" in 1831 and started with only 64 students.

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  • University of St. Andrews
    University of St. Andrews

    The University is founded in 1413 and is the oldest university in Scotland. According to the Times Good University Guide 2006, he is ranked seventh among the best universities in the UK.

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  • University of Groningen
    University of Groningen

    University of Groningen is founded in 1614, which makes it one of the oldest university and one of the biggest universities in Holland, part of the Coimbra Group. According to a research of the International Student Barometer in 2012, University of Groningen is chosen to be the best university in Holland.

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  • University of Durham
    University of Durham

    Durham University is one of the most prestigious universities in the UK. It was founded in 1832 and ranks third among the oldest universities in the United Kingdom after Oxford and Cambridge.

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  • Georg August University
    Georg August University

    The university wins funding under the Initiative for Excellence of the German federal and state governments in the last few years. The University of Göttingen offers free language courses in over 14 different languages including German, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, etc.

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  • INSA Business, Marketing & Communication School
    INSA Business, Marketing & Communication School

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  • University College London
    University College London

    University College London is a public university in London, founded in 1826 It is one of the oldest and most prestigious colleges in the UK. UCL was the first university in the UK that began to accept students without valuing what their faith and recognizes equality between men and women.

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  • Falmouth University
    Falmouth University

    Over the years this university had been the Falmouth School of Arts, Falmouth College of Art and Design and then Falmouth College of Arts.In 2012 it was awarded a full university status. Today Falmouth university is one of the world's leading specialist arts instiitution.University has two campuses-one in Falmouth and one in Penryn(bigger one,operates in partnership with The University of Exeter). This region (Cornwall) is synonymous with arts and culture and home to the highest concentration of creative practitioners outside of London. In 2008, after merging with Darlington College of Arts, University College Falmouth become to one of the top five arts universities in the world.

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  • Sheffield Hallam University
    Sheffield Hallam University

    The university's history trace back to 19th century, with founded of two college in Sheffield. This colleges merged with Sheffield Training College and Sheffield Technology College to create Sheffield Polytechnic, which then became Sheffield Hallam University in 1992. Sheffield is fourth largest city in England. City campus of Sheffield University is located in the heart of city centre and is very popular with their arts and design courses. In the most recent Student Barometer (autumn 2013), this university is ranked first in the UK for satisfaction with the level of research activity, employability, careers advice, accommodation cost, earning money and international student support.

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