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University of Reading

Държава: Великобритания
Град: Рединг

 University of Reading е основан през 1892 г. като част от University of Oxford. Университетът се слави с безупречна репутация относно обучение и изследователска дейност. Той се нарежда сред най-популярните университети в Обединеното кралство.

University of Reading се намира на 60 км от Лондон, което го прави желана дестинация както за местни, така и чуждестранни студенти.

Bachelor’s degree Programs
Accounting and Business BA
Accounting and Economics BA
Accounting and Finance 
Accounting and Management BA
Agricultural Business Management 
Ancient History & Archaeology BA
Ancient History and History BA
Ancient History BA
Animal Science 
Archaeology & Classical Studies BA
Archaeology & History BA
Archaeology and Italian BA
Archaeology BA
Art & English Literature BA
Art & Film and Theatre BA
Art & History of Art BA
Art & Philosophy BA
Art & Psychology BA
Art BA
Artificial Intelligence 
Biological Sciences 
Biomedical Sciences 
Building Surveying 
Business and Management BA
Business Economics 
Certificate of Higher Education in Management
Chemistry with Education 
Chemistry with Forensic Analysis 
Children's Development and Learning BA
Classical and Medieval Studies BA
Classical Studies and English Literature BA
Classical Studies and History of Art BA
Classical Studies BA
Classics BA
Computational Mathematics 
Computer Science 
Construction Management and Surveying 
Construction Management 
Consumer Behaviour & Marketing 
Ecology and Wildlife Conservation 
Economics & Econometrics 
Electronic Engineering 
English Language and Literature BA
English Language BA
English Literature and European Literature and Culture BA
English Literature and Film & Theatre BA
English Literature and German BA
English Literature and International Relations BA
English Literature and Italian BA
English Literature and Politics BA
English Literature BA
English Literature with French BA
Environmental and Countryside Management 
Environmental Science 
Environmental Science with Professional Experience 
Ethics, Value & Philosophy BA
European Cultures and Histories BA
European Studies BA
Film & Theatre BA
Finance and Investment Banking 
Fine Art (Post Foundation) BA
Food Marketing & Business Economics 
Food Science (with or without Industrial Training) 
Food Science with Business (with or without Industrial Training) 
Food Technology and Bioprocessing (with or without Industrial Training) 
Foundation Degree in Children's Development and Learning
French and Economics BA
French and English Literature BA
French and German BA
French and History BA
French and History of Art BA
French and International Relations BA
French and Italian BA
French and Management Studies BA
French Studies and English Language BA
French Studies and Politics BA
French Studies
Geography and Economics (Regional Science) 
German & International Relations BA
German and Economics BA
German and History BA
German and History of Art BA
German and Italian BA
German and Management Studies BA
German and Politics BA
German Studies and English Language BA
German Studies 
Graphic Communication BA
History and Economics BA
History and English Literature BA
History and International Relations BA
History and Philosophy BA
History and Politics BA
History of Art & English Literature BA
History of Art & Philosophy BA
History of Art and History BA
History of Art 
Human and Physical Geography 
Human Geography 
Information Technology 
International Foundation Programme (IFP)
International Management and Business Administration (IMBA) with French, German, Italian BA
International Relations & Economics BA
Investment and Finance in Property 
Italian and Classical Studies BA
Italian and Econmics BA
Italian and History BA
Italian and History of Art BA
Italian and International Relations BA
Italian and Management Studies BA
Italian and Politics BA
Italian Studies and English Language BA
Italian Studies 
Land Management 
Law with Legal Studies in Europe LLB
Management with Information Technology 
Mathematics and Psychology 
Mathematics and Statistics/Mathematics and Applied Statistics 
Mathematics with Finance Investment Banking 
Meteorology and Climate 
Museum and Classical Studies BA
Museum Studies and Archaeology BA
Nutrition and Food Science (with or without Professional Training) 
Nutrition with Food Consumer Sciences (with or without Professional Training) 
Pharmacy MPharm
Philosophy and Classical Studies BA
Philosophy and English Literature BA
Philosophy and French BA
Philosophy and German BA
Philosophy and International Relations BA
Philosophy and Italian BA
Philosophy and Politics BA
Philosophy, Politics and Economics BA
Physical Geography 
Politics & Economics BA
Politics & International Relations BA
Primary Teaching (Art specialism) BA (Ed)
Primary Teaching (English specialism) BA (Ed)
Primary Teaching (Mathematics specialism) BA (Ed)
Primary Teaching (Music specialism) BA (Ed)
Psychology & Biology 
Psychology and Philosophy BA
Psychology, Childhood and Ageing 
Psychology, Mental and Physical Health 
Quantity Surveying 
Real Estate 
Real Estate with Diploma/MSc in Urban Planning and Development 
Rural Property Management 
Speech and Language Therapy 
Theatre Arts, Education and Deaf Studies BA
War, Peace & International Relations BA

Master’s degree Programs

Accounting and Financial Management MSc
Advanced Computer Science MSc
Advanced Legal Studies LLM
Agricultural Development Economics MSc
Agricultural Economics MSc
Agriculture and Development MSc
Applicable and Numerical Mathematics MSc
Applied Development Studies MSc
Applied Linguistics 
Applied Linguistics or English Language Teaching 
Applied Management PG Dip/MA
Applied Meteorology and Climate with Management MSc/PG Diploma
Applied Meteorology MSc/PG Diploma
Archaeology MA
Art & Design Secondary PGCE
Atmosphere, Ocean & Climate MSc/PG Diploma
Banking and Finance in Emerging Economies MSc
Banking and Financial Systems in the Global Economy MSc
Biometry MSc
Book Design MA
Business and Management in Emerging Markets MA
Business Economics MSc
Business Information Management MSc
Business Technology Consulting MSc
Capital Markets, Regulation and Compliance MSc
Certificates in Applied Linguistics or English Language Teaching
Chemical Research 
Children's Literature MA (Res)
City of Rome MA (Res)
Classical Tradition MA (Res)
Classics MA (Res)
Climate Change and Development MSc
Cognitive Neuroscience MSc/PG Diploma
Communication for Innovation and Development MSc
Construction Cost Management MSc (Flexible Modular Masters Programme)
Construction Management 
Corporate Finance MSc
Corporate Real Estate MSc
Cybernetics MSc
Data Assimilation and Inverse Modelling in Geosciences MSc/PG Diploma
Design and Management of Sustainable Built Environments MSc
Developing Education for Sustainable Global Futures MA
Development Finance MSc
Development Planning 
Developmental Psychopathology 
Digital Signal Processing and CommunicationsMSc
Diplomacy MA/MA (Res)
Drama Secondary PGCE
Early Modern Literature & Drama MA (Res)
Early Years (3-7 years) Education Primary PGCE
Early Years Professional Status (EYPS)
Economic Development in Emerging Markets MSc
Education MA/PG Dip (Flexible Modular Masters Programme)
Education Primary (Early Years (3-7 years)) PGCE
Education Primary (Primary Years (5-11 years)) PGCE
Education Primary (Primary Years with French Specialism (5-11 years)) PGCE
English Language Teaching MA
English MA (Res)
English Secondary PGCE
Entrepreneurship and ManagementMSc
Environment and Development MSc
Environmental Management MSc
Environmental Pollution MSc
Ethics and Political Theory MA
European Union Economic Law and Governance LLM
European Union Law LLM
Film, Theatre or Television MA
Financial Engineering MSc
Financial Risk Management MSc
Fine Art Masters (MFA)
Flavourist Training Course (Short Course)
Food Economics and Marketing MSc
Food Science MSc
Food Security and Development MSc
Food Technology - Quality Assurance MSc
Franco-British History MA (Res)
French Studies MA (Res)
General Information (Primary and Secondary) PGCE
Geoarchaeology MSc
German Studies MA (Res)
Health and Social Care Management PG Cert/PG Dip/MA
History MA (Res)
History of Art and Architecture MA
History Secondary PGCE
Human Rights LLM
Individual Classics Flexible Programmes (Flexible part-time)
Information and Communication Technology Secondary PGCE
Information Design MA
Information Management and Systems MSc
Instrumental Teaching PGDip (Distance Learning)
International Banking Law LLM
International Business and Economic Development MSc
International Business and Finance MSc
International Business MSc
International Commercial Law LLM
International Corporate Finance LLM
International Economic Development MSc
International Finance and Economic Development MSc
International Financial Regulation LLM
International Human Resources Management MSc
International Law and World Order 
International Law LLM
International Management and Accounting MSc
International Management MSc
International Planning and Sustainable Urban Management MSc PGDip PGCert
International Relations 
International Securities, Investment and Banking 
International Security Studies MA/MA (Res)
International Shipping and Finance MSc
Investment Banking and Islamic Finance MSc
Investment Management MSc
Italian Studies MA (Res)
Law & Society MRes
Law and Economics MSc PGDip PGCert
Law- Legal History MA (Research)
Law MRes
MA Military History and Strategic Studies
Marketing and International Management MSc
Mathematics Secondary PGCE
Medieval Archaeology MA
Medieval Studies 
Modern and Contemporary Writing MA (Res)
Modern History 
Modern Italian History MA
Modern Languages Secondary PGCE
MSc in Business and Management Research
Music Secondary PGCE
Music Teaching in Professional Practice MA
Neuroscience of Language MSc
Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture MA
Nutrition and Food Science MSc/PGDip
Oil and Gas LLM/MSc
Overseas Trained Teacher Programme (OTTP)
Evidence-Based Psychological Treatments 
Philosophy MA
Physical Education Secondary PGCE
Physics or Chemistry Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) Course
Plant Diversity MSc
Postgraduate Planning Modules (Short Course)
Pre-sessional English Language programme
Primary Years (5-11 years) Education Primary PGCE
Project Management 
Psychology- Postgraduate Training in Evidence-Based Psychological Treatments
Public Policy MA
Real Estate Finance MSc
Real Estate Investment & Finance MSc (Flexible Modular Masters Programme)
Real Estate 
Real Estate Short courses and CPD (Short Course)
Renewable Energy MSc/PgDip
Research (Human Geography) MSc
Research Agricultural and Food Economics MSc
Research in Archaeology MA
Research Methods in Psychology MSc/PG Diploma
Rural Land and Business Management MSc
School Direct
Science Secondary PGCE
Secondary (Art & Design) PGCE
Secondary (Drama) PGCE
Secondary (English) PGCE
Secondary (History) PGCE
Secondary (Information and Communication Technology) PGCE
Secondary (Mathematics) PGCE
Secondary (Modern Languages) PGCE
Secondary (Music) PGCE
Secondary (Physical Education) PGCE
Secondary (Science) PGCE
Social Development and Sustainable Livelihoods MA
Species Identification and Survey Skills MSc
Speech and Language Therapy MSc
Statistical Services Centre Courses (Short Course)
Strategic Studies MA/MA(Res)
Systems Engineering MRes
Teaching Primary and Early Years PGCE
The Economics of Climate Change MSc
The Economics of International Business and Finance MSc
The Henley Executive MBA
The Henley Full Time MBA
The Henley MBA and Postgraduate Diploma in Management - by Flexible Learning
The Henley MBA and Postgraduate Diploma International Stream - by Flexible Learning
Typeface Design MA
Typography & Graphic Communication MA (Res)
Wildlife Management and Conservation MSc

Основна информация

Студенти: 22 000
Продължителност на обучението: бакалавър: 3-4 години ; магистър: 1-2 години.
Учебна година: 3 семестъра
Начало на учебната година: септември, октомври


Университетът разполага със студентски общежития. Има както стаи със самостоятелна или пък обща баня, така и семейни общежития. Разходите за ток, вода и отопление влизат в цената на наема. Той варира межди 100 и 200 британски лири, като се взимат предвид видът на общежитието и периодът на престой. Университетът разполага и с 24-часова охрана през цялата година. 

Език на обучение: английски

Най-близко летище: Хийтроу


- Диплома за завършено образование – в оригинал и в превод на английски
- Сертификат по английски език – TOEFL 88-100, IELTS 6.5 – 7.0, CRE C-B, Pearson 67


 Университетът отпуска по 15 стипендии на година за студенти с отлични резултати. Размерът е между 250 и 5 000 паунда. Също така студентите могат да получат помощ в размер на £ 5 500, за да покрият разходи по настаняването. 


Бакалавър: 9 000 британски лири на година
Магистър: 5 500 – 25 000 британски лири на година




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