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University of Bedfordshire

Държава: Великобритания
Град: Бедфорт/Лутън

 University of Bedfordshire е сравнително нов  университет, след като University of Luton се слива с De Montfort University’s Bedford campus през 2006 г. Днес той е доказан като един от най-елитните университети в Обединеното кралство. 

Основните кампуси на University of Bedfordshire са разположени в Бедфорд и Лутън. Те са модернизирани с нови учебни и социални заведения, както и модерни общежития, намиращи се в самите кампуси. 

Университетът се гордее със своите програми по медицина, право, маркетинг, жирналистика, дизайн. Той работи в тясно сътрудничество с работодатели за разработване на учебната програма, което помага на студентите да придобият увереност, умения и опит в избраната от тях сфера.

Bachelor’s degree Programs 

Accident and Emergency Care 
Accounting and Finance 
Advertising and Marketing Communications 
Advertising Design 
Animal Management FD 
Animal Science  
Animation for Industry 
Applied Disability Studies 
Applied Education Studies  
Applied Psychology 
Applied Social Studies 
Art and Design 
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics 
Assistant Practitioner FD 
Beauty Therapy and Spa Management FD 
Biological Science 
Biomedical Science 
Bioscience FD - North Hertfordshire College
Broadcast Journalism 
Building Services and Sustainability FD 
Building Technology 
Building Technology FD 
Business Administration 
Business Decision Management 
Business Information Systems 
Business Management 
Business Studies 
Business Studies (E-Business) 
Business Studies (Finance) 
Business Studies (International) 
Business Studies (Marketing) 
CEPCE-FE - Milton Keynes College
Child and Adolescent Studies 
Child and Family Studies FD 
Childhood and Youth Studies 
Children, Families and Community Health FD - Grantham College
Computer Animation Technology  
Computer Games Development 
Computer Networking 
Computer Science 
Computer Science and Robotics 
Computer Science and Software Engineering 
Computer Security and Forensics 
Computer Systems Engineering 
Computing and Mathematics 
Construction Management 
Contemporary Fine Art Practice 
Coronary Care 
Craft Design FD 
Creative and Editorial Photography 
Creative Writing 
Creative Writing and Journalism 
Criminology and Sociology 
Dance and Professional Practice 
Diabetes Care  
Disability Studies
Early Years Education 
Early Years Studies
Education Studies 
Education Studies and English 
Educational Practice 
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Higher National Diploma 
Electronic Engineering 
End of Life Care  
English and Theatre Studies 
English for International Communication 
English Language and Linguistics 
English Language for Business 
English Language Studies with Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) 
English Literature  
English Studies 
Event Management 
Fashion and Surface Pattern Design FD 
Fashion and Textile Design FD 
Fashion Design 
Fine Art 
Footll Studies 
Forensic Science 
Graphic Design 
Graphic Design and Advertising FD - Central Bedfordshire College
Graphic Design for Print and New Media - Central Bedfordshire College
Health and Social Care 
Health Care 
Health Care Practice  
Health Psychology 
Health, Nutrition and Exercise 
Hospitality and Tourism Management  
Human Resource Management 
Information and Learning Technology in the Lifelong Learning SectorUniversity Diploma
Information Systems 
Intensive Care 
Interior Architecture 
Interior Design 
International Finance and nking  
International Tourism Management 
IT Networking and Security FD 
Journalism and Public Relations 
Leadership and Management in Education University Diploma 
Magazine Journalism 
Management Practice  - Distance Learning, UK
Master Of Osteopathy Master Of Osteopathy 
Mathematics and Education  
Mechanical Engineering Higher National Diploma 
Media Performance 
Media Practices (Mass Communications) 
Media Practices and Public Relations 
Media Production 
Media Production (Moving Image) 
Media Production (New Media) 
Media Production (Radio) 
Media Production (Scriptwriting) 
Mental Health Care  
Mentoring in Education University Diploma 
Midwifery: Registered Midwife 
Multimedia Journalism  
Music Technology 
Neonatal Care 
Network Management FD 
Nursing Studies 
Nursing Studies with Overseas Nursing Programme 
Nursing with Registered Nurse: Adult 
Nursing with Registered Nurse: Child 
Nursing with Registered Nurse: Mental Health 
Operating Department Practice DipHE 
Osteopathy Master Of Osteopathy - British School of Osteopathy
Performing Arts 
Perioperative Critical Care 
Photography and Video Art 
Physical Education (Secondary) 
Post Compulsory Education Certificate in Education 
Pre-Masters in Business Undergraduate Credited Course 
Preparing for Social Welfare University Certificate 
Primary Education (with QTS) 
Professional Nursing Studies for Overseas Qualified Nurses  
Psychology Certificate of Higher Education 
Psychology and Crime FD 
Psychology and Criminal Behaviour 
Psychology and Criminology 
Psychology, Counselling and Therapies 
Public Relations 
Respiratory Care 
Social Work 
Software Engineering 
Spinal Injury Care  
Sport and Community Leadership 
Sport and Exercise Science 
Sport and Physical Education 
Sport Fitness and Personal Training 
Sport Management 
Sport Science and Coaching 
Sports Coaching 
Sports Journalism 
Sports Science and Personal Training 
Sports Studies 
Sports Therapy 
Surgical Care 
Sustainable Construction FD 
Teaching English (Literacy CPD) in the Lifelong Learning Sector 
Teaching Mathematics (Numeracy CPD) in the Lifelong Learning Sector
Bedfordshire College
Telecommunications and Network Engineering 
Television Production 
Theatre and Professional Practice 
Travel and Tourism 
Travel Operations Management FD 
Tutoring, Support and Guidance in the Lifelong Learning Sector University Diploma
Web Design and Software Development FD 

Master’s degree Programs

Brand Management
Educational Leadership
Engineering Management M 
Healthcare M 
Hospital and Health Services Management M 
Human Resource Management M 
Information Technology Management M 
Academic Practice PgCert 
Accounting and Finance 
Advanced Nursing Studies 
Advanced Practice 
Applied Computing and Information Technology 
Applied Linguistics (TEFL) MA 
Applied Public Policy: Children and Young Peoples Services 
Applied Social Work Practice: Children and Families MA 
Applied Social Work Practice: Leadership and Management MA 
Applied Social Work: Practice Education MA 
Art and Design MA 
Art Design and Internet Technologies MA 
Behavioural Issues in Schools PgCert - Distance Learning
Biomedical Engineering 
Business Administration (Information Technology Management) M 
Business and Management 
Business Information Systems 
Business Web Analytics and Management 
Clinical Exercise Physiology 
Coaching Psychology PgCert 
Community Dance Leadership MA 
Community Sport Management MA 
Comparative European Perspectives: Youth Work and Social Disadvantage 
Computer Animation and Games Technology 
Computer Forensics and IT Security - Distance Learning, UK
Computer Networking 
Computer Science 
Computer Security and Forensics 
Corporate Law LLM 
Creative Digital Film Production 
Dance Performance and Choreography 
Dance Science 
Dental Education PgCert 
Dental Law and Ethics PgCert 
Difficulties in Literacy Development and Dyslexia PgCert - Distance Learning
Digital Film Technologies and Production 
Documentary MA 
E-Learning PgCert 
Education MA 
Education (E-Learning) MA 
Education (Effective Learning and Teaching) MA 
Education (Leadership and Management) MA 
Education (National Award for Special Educational Needs Co-ordination)PgCert 
Education (Primary Education) MA 
Education (Special Educational Needs) MA 
Education (Specialist Mathematics Teaching) MA 
Education Studies 
Electronic Engineering 
Embedded Systems Engineering 
Engineering Business Management 
English Language Teaching Management 
English Literature MA 
Enhancing Quality through Patient Safety 
Environmental Health 
Environmental Management 
European Law 
Family and Systemic Psychotherapy - Institute of Family Therapy, London
Fashion Design, Styling and Promotion MA 
Finance and Business Management 
Forensic Psychology 
Health Psychology 
Health Studies 
Human Resource Management 
Information Management and Security 
Information Systems and Business Management 
Information Systems and eGovernment 
Intercultural Communication MA 
Intermediate Child Focused Systemic Practice PgCert - Institute of Family Therapy, London
Intermediate Systemic Practice with Families and Couples PgCert - Institute of Family Therapy, London
International Business and Corporate Law LLM -
International Business and Management 
International Cinema MA 
International Commercial Dispute Resolution LLM -
International Commercial Law LLM 
International Development 
International Finance
International Human Resource Management MA 
International Journalism MA 
International Relations MA 
International Tourism and Hospitality Management 
International Tourism Management 
Investment and Finance 
Learning and Teaching PgCert 
Logistics and Supply Chain Management 
Management PgCert 
Managing Business Creativity and Innovation 
Marketing and Business Management 
Marketing Communications 
Mass Communications MA 
Master of Business Administration M 
Master of Professional Social Work Practice Master of Professional Social Work Practice 
Media, Culture and Technology MA 
Medical Education 
Medical Simulation PgCert 
Molecular and Cellular Exercise Physiology 
Telecommunications Management 
New Media and Internet Technologies MA 
Osteopathy - British School of Osteopathy
Osteopathy (Pre-Registration) - British School of Osteopathy
Performing before the Camera PgCert 
Physical Activity, Nutrition and Health Promotion 
Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy MA 
Physiotherapy for Sport and Exercise Rehabilitation 
Primary Education 
Professional Graduate Certificate (PCE) Professional Graduate Certificate (PCE)
Project Management 
Psychological Approaches to Health and Management 
Psychology of Organisational Development and Change PgCert - CIPD, London
Public Health 
Public Relations MA 
Research Methodology
Secondary Computer Science PGCE 
Secondary Dance PGCE 
Secondary Design Technology 
Secondary Drama Professional Graduate Certificate in Education 
Secondary Education PGCE - Chiltern Training Group
Secondary Education Applied Business PGCE 
Secondary Education Applied ICT PGCE 
Secondary Education Applied Leisure and Tourism PGCE 
Secondary English PGCE 
Secondary Geography PGCE 
Secondary Geography (Schools Direct) PGCE 
Secondary Maths PGCE 
Secondary Modern Languages PGCE 
Secondary Music Professional Graduate Certificate in Education - Bedfordshire Schools Training Partnership
Secondary Physical Education PGCE 
Secondary Religious Education PGCE 
Secondary Science with Biology PGCE 
Secondary Science with Chemistry PGCE 
Secondary Science with Physics PGCE 
Social Work 
Special Educational Needs, Inclusion and Disability PgCert 
Specialist Community Public Health Nursing (Health Visiting) 
Specialist Community Public Health Nursing (School Nursing) 
Specialist Mathematics Teaching PgCert 
Specialist Practitioner Community District Nursing 
Sport and Exercise Rehabiliatation 
Sport Development Management MA 
Sport Tourism Management 
Sports Performance 
Strategic Leadership and Management in Education PgCert 
Telecommunications Management 
Tourism and Environmental Management 
Tourism and Events Management

Основна информация

Студенти: 24 000 студенти; 3 000 международни студенти
Продължителност на обучението: бакалавър: 3-4 години ; магистър: 1-2 години.
Учебна година: 2 семестъра
Начало на учебната година: септември
Срок за кандидатстване: 15 януари


Университетът разполага с общежития както в Luton Campus, така и в Bedford Campus. Стаите са обзаведени според нуждите на студентите, като комуналните услуги (вода и ток) влизат изцяло в цената на наема. Той варира около 100 британски лири на седмица.

Език на обучение: Английски

Най-близко летище: Northampton Airport/London Luton Airport


- Диплома за завършено средно или висше образование – в оригинал и в превод на английски
- Сертификат по английски език - TOEFL / IELTS/ CAE
- CV и мотивационно писмо
- Сертификати за постижения от всякакъв тип
- Препоръки от преподаватели


Бакалавър: £6,000 - £9,000
Магистър: £9,000



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